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Burt Rutan, Aviation and Space Pioneer, Presents his Findings on the Real Climate Change Data and Discusses What to Do About it.

Burt Rutan Presents his findings on the Real Climate Change Data 

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It is not surprising that Burt Rutan, Aerospace Engineer, would be interested in the weather. His aircraft have travelled nonstop around the world, and now into space. Weather can make or break the flights of his innovative aircraft.

Burt Rutan has assembled data on the Earth’s Weather history and how Weather, including temperatures have been measured. It is amazing to see what we do know about the Earth’s history. Never before has all this information been presented in one place. There are many revelations that come from looking at it all at once from the point of view of the possibility of Humans causing Global Warming, and how Dangerous it may be.

Do not miss this video to understand the facts so you can decide for yourself what the future holds.

Video on Youtube


Two Very Simple Ways to Know if Human Caused CO2 Global Warming Theory is Working

By Paul Litely

1. Global temperatures only went up with CO2 from 1973 to 2003. Before and after this 30 year stretch, temperatures went down while CO2 marched upward. See the other posts here at for ducumentary proof.
2. Predictions of global warming disasters by the years 1995, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010. 2011, 2013 , and 2015 didn’t happen, and average trends are actually reversing to cooling.
The Human caused global warming promoters have kept the public’s eyes off these two basic tests by rapid and energetic Arm-Waving, intricate descriptions of their “Models”, and new predictions of an even more disastrous time for 8 Decades in the future. They are very clever in preserving their income and political futures. They are Very clever in fostering a movement based on desirable goals, ie. Preserving the environment and reducing pollution. For many people who cannot or will not explore all sides of the science issue, they don’t care if the science is wrong as long as actions further those goals at any cost.
Oh, they also get personal with attacks on the motives, intelligence, sincerity, morals, and affiliations of anybody who dares point out their failures or simply disagree. Yes, the refuge of insecurity about facts is personal attacks. Anything to distract from failures and inconsistencies in the Global Warming, Ice melting, Sea Level Raising, Polar Bear Killing, Hurricane Making predictions that have not happened.

Not surprisingly, Global Warming is 14th out of people’s top 15 Concerns in Polls. The louder the ACO2GW Promoters yell, the more desperate they look. They are desperate because each of their Fundraisers – Kyoto, Copenhagen, CanCun, And Lima has brought in less and less financial support and more skepticism based on real climate measurements that they have to deny with creative stories.
The upcoming Paris Fundraiser looks to be their last chance before the real weather 12 years of no warming, no sea level rise, no increased hurricane activity, no increased rate of glacier melting, and the return of Arctic Ice to normal average makes it undeniable that global temperatures do not follow CO2, no matter where it comes from.
In preparation for this Paris fundraiser, as for the last two fundraisers, the temperature records kept by NOAA, NASA, and US NCDC have been altered again to cool the longer term past and to warm the recent past and warm the present. All this despite using what they claim is state of the art measuring equipment installed by 2008 they said would need no adjustments.

Meanwhile, RSS Satellite Measurements that cannot be adjusted more than 0.03% have shown a decline in average Global Temperatures since 2003. This satellite result is consistent with competing well supported Climate models that predict we are entering a mini ice age.
Keep watching the weather.

Look for more in the news about the desperateness of the Global Warming Promoters. And new ways to raise funds with Carbon credit banks. Only the issuers of Carbon Credits make money – by printing carbon credits to sell.

Look for more in the news about how Global Warming predictions are getting farther and farther from the real weather. Look for more about the competing models that are willing to bear scrutiny, saying we should be preparing for 30 years of deadly cold.

If these scientists are right, a cloudy Earth will make growing crops and staying warm difficult. We will have wasted at least 10 years preparing for the opposite weather, and we will need ALL energy sources to survive. Solar panels will not work so well with the added clouds. The mechanical parts of windmills are wearing out faster than expected. New, huge Fossil Fuel deposits are constantly being discovered… this is fortunate, because we will not be able to avoid using them to deal with the upcoming very cold future. that has already begun.