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Pristine Temperature Data from NOAA State of the art measuring stations show Flat, or Declining Temperature trend for Years 2005 Thru 2015. Why don’t they show this to us?

Here is a definitive article about the NOAA U.S. Temperature series that is state of the art, and needs no adjustment. It is not shown to the public. Is it because it clearly shows 10 year flat or slightly declining trend 2005 – 2015?


China’s Coal-Fired Joke on the Rest of the World… It will bring in Billions of Dollars From Gullible Buyers of Their New Cap-and-Trade Securities Sales

By Paul Litely.  September 25, 2015

The ONLY winners in cap-and -trade schemes are the SELLERS of credits, and that means, in the case of Other Casinos, the “House” or the “Bank”.  China, like Al Gore, and the Chicago Cap-and trade dealers made money selling these made up fictitious securities. The. BANK has an unlimited supply, and can keep on printing them indefinitely. The bank has NO obligation to buy them back at any price. And never will.  

Any buyers of these cap-and-trade securities are stuck competing with the bank to sell them to anybody else. Since the BANK is always able to make and sell new securities for free, other sellers will have to sell at a discount, basically distressed sales. 

As Global Warming continues to fail to appear, the demand for cap-and-trade securities will dry up, as everyone realizes it is a hoax. As the REAL Climate Change disaster of cooling continues, and becomes undeniable, it will trigger a selling panic. This will appear very soon. 

The Chinese, along with the inventor of Cap-and-trade securities, who has gone to China for refuge from fraud charges, are positioning themselves to sucker the rest of the world into buying these securities that will soon be worthless. China, the “BANK” has no obligation whatsoever to buy them back at any price, and never will. China already knows there is no global warming catastrophe looming now, or for 100 years. Instead, clear scientific analysis and evidence says deadly cooling has already begun that will last at least 30 years. China is selling insurance against a disaster that will never come. China will be laughing all the way to the bank each time they sell Cap-and-trade securities, without regard for these securities becoming worthless in less than 5 years. 

This prediction is based in firm verifiable facts, not political hot air. Watch, as the Global warming scare is denied even more than it is now by the actual weather. See blogs on for the details and proof that raw measured temperatures and Statistics are being Altered and Cherry-picked to manipulate Public opinion.

If you have “Carbon Credits”, sell them NOW. They will soon be worthless!