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The Tell-Tale IPCC Slight of Hand to Hide the Period of Warming Greater than today in the 1400’s

“We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period!” – and they did take it out of all of their models. The models produce their famous “Hockey Stick” showing no global Warming or Cooling for 2000 years and predicting unlimited warming starting in the 1900s. No models needed? They blame human release of the trace gas CO2 – just 0.3% of Earth’s atmosphere.

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Congressional Testimony on IPCC Global Warming Model


Nothing Correlates Better Than Solar Activity With Earthly Climate Here is How.

corrolation with solar activity with description

HOWEVER, it is not the Changes in the Sun’s heating “Irradiation” that causes changes in the Earth’s Temperatures, but instead, it is the Sun’s Solar Wind that blocks Cosmic Rays.

The Sun’s Solar Wind follows directly with the “Irradiation”, so they are directly and closely correlated. When the Sun is active with sunspots and Irradiation, it blocks the Cosmic Rays that develop cloudiness on Earth and allows heating of the Earth’s surface and oceans. When the Sun is inactive, it allows the Cosmic Rays to pass and develop cloudiness on Earth to Cool it.

Clouds transport vast amounts of heat into space by making rain and snow and reflecting 95% of the Suns heating radiation back into space. Clouds form when water evaporates into the air and the water vapor “Nucleaizes” into droplets as they rise into cooler altitudes. Cosmic Rays enhance “Nucleaization” similar to how atmospheric dust condenses water vapor. Here is the Tell-Tale chart on Solar Activity and Cosmic Rays.


Here is how Earth’s Cloudiness corollates to Earths Temperature by a full 1/2 degree:


Water Vapor is 95% of the Earth’s Greenhouse Gasses.  It acts more strongly than CO2 because CO2 cannot change to a liquid or solid at Earth’s temperatures and pressures, so CO2 has VERY limited ability to absorb or release heat compared to Water Vapor that can condense into water, releasing Vast amounts of heat, and then to Ice, releasing Vast more amounts of heat. When going from Ice to water to water vapor, it ABSORBS vast amounts of heat.  CO2 cannot do any of this, and CO2 is only perhaps 3% of Earth’s greenhouse gasses. 

Water Vapor is a NEGATIVE FEEDBACK system in Earths atmosphere by pumping vast amounts of heat from the Surface to clouds to space.  As the Sun is now in a low activity phase (the third declining cycle in a row, and now almost totally asleep), it cannot block the cosmic rays, so we should be seeing more cloudiness, more storms, and more heat being released into space, keeping the Earth from heating, perhaps even cooling it. See other blog posts here for even more details. 

According to researchers Theodor Landscheidt, Carl Smith and Geoff Sharp, the Sun may not wake up soon.  If that happens, then we should be likely to see deadly cold beginning now and going on for as long as 50 years. Be afraid of Cold, not Heat.


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SolarCycle_graphic March 2019

See under the tab “Climate Reflections”

Go to under the “Climate Reflections” tab on the Left hand side to Look at the temperature records and cloudiness and sunspots and cosmic rays for a fuller understanding of Climate Change and how it relates to Carbon Dioxide in Earth’s Atmosphere.