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United Kingdom has had Enough of Costly Climate Control Laws, and is Following Australia’s Lead

In August 2014, The United Kingdom under Prime Minister David Cameron is heading towards repeal of some or all of Climate Control and taxation laws of 2008. Australia just repealed all its twelve 2012 Carbon Tax laws after just two years, in July 2014.
David Cameron has been quoted as saying in private that “We’ve got to get rid of all this green crap”. Why would he say that? Because he has realized that the increase in price for energy is damaging the economy and is actually killing people… mostly low income pensioners in the winter who have to choose between eating and heating they cannot afford (estimated 35,000 last winter in UK). Prime Minister David Cameron has come to realize, as Austrailian Prime Minister David Abbott did, that the emissions from the small country United Kingdom are so very small compared to China and India and the United States, that they are insignificant. Besides, evidence is rapidly growing that CO2 and humans are not controlling the weather after all.
It does not make sense to turn your economy inside out, raising the cost of living, and distorting markets with punitive energy taxes when the effect of all this self-abuse is tiny compared to emissions from the largest countries, especially China and India and the United States. The economy of the United Kingdom is being dragged down by taxes and subsidies to bend the emissions. In addition, solar power does not work well in cloudy Great Britain, and there is a backlash against the unsightly windmills everywhere.
The UK is a small player in global emissions, so it could not possibly make a significant difference globally, even if CO2 were actually causing Global Warming.
There is growing evidence that CO2 is not in control of the Earth’s Climate. CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere continue to rise, while Global Temperatures declined for at least ten years, the Arctic Ice has returned almost to normal in 2013-2014, the Great Lakes froze over last winter, and low temperature records have been set in the Winter and even in the Summer in 2013-2014. Predictions by scientists not employed by Global Warming promoters say this continued cooling will turn deadly in the next few years, with no definite end.
If CO2 were a significant cause of Global Warming, other countries could easily make much bigger difference than the United Kingdom. The UK does not contribute enough CO2 to make a difference even if the UK stopped all emissions altogether.
Meanwhile, the United States has reduced its emissions dramatically WITHOUT Carbon Taxes, Carbon Trading, or other draconian measures by switching to abundant clean burning Natural Gas for power generation and transportation. The benefits are for cleaner air, by reducing noxious emissions other than CO2, such as those from burning coal.
However , China now produces as much emissions as the rest of the world combined. If China continues to increase its emissions, nobody else matters.
Here are the details for the United Kingdom and for the world on who is big enough to make a difference in emissions:


Global Warming is Already Global Cooling. Keep Your Warm Clothing!

Written by Paul Litely at

Here is a very accurate summary of today’s climate science with the latest developments.

Mail OnLine Article 23 September 2014

But, what is really happening with the weather, arctic ice, and global temperatures?

July 2014 Sets Low Temperature Records Across the USA.

Winter Power Blackouts Forecast for 2014-2015 in USA and UK.

Arctic & Antarctic Ice Extent has come back to stay 2013 and 2014.

Greenland Ice is increasing fast in 2013-2014.

Arctic summer temperatures are below average in 2014.

Global temperatures are diving down now, as measured by Satellites.

Carbon Dioxide goes up while Global Temperatures go down.

Climate Scientist who worked on Global Warming  describes how he found out CO2 fails.

Don Easterbrook shows how Actual weather temperatures can be predicted.

Predicted Global Warming Sea Level increases are physically impossible

Weatherman and Founder of The Weather Channel explains Al Gore

Temperature Measurement Records for the last 100 have been intentionally manipulated to show warming instead of cooling because they do not comply with the Global Warming story.

Australia voters did not want Carbon Tax Laws and Two Years after carbon tax laws were enacted, they were repealed in July 2014.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) claims to be THE authority on Global Climate Change.  In a leaked September 2013 draft paper, the IPCC admitted global warming is much less than they predicted, and the IPCC will not explain why.  If The IPCC  is the world’s authority on Climate Change, they should know why.  They do know, but they will not explain because their Climate Change Model has only one explanation for climate change, and that is CO2 released by humans.  This model was an untested THEORY based on the ASSUMPTION that humans can control the weather by burning oil, gas, and coal.  After the last ten years of measuring actual weather vs the predictions,  the model is now tested, and it failed.  There is no global warming in the last ten years for ANY reason.

The IPCC, in their report,  limited their recent temperature record to 1998 to 2013 so they could show SOME Global Warming.  However, if they used 2003 to 2013 instead, there would be no warming at all to talk about, and cooling has begun instead. Meanwhile, CO2 continues to rise rapidly in the opposite direction to average global temperatures.  None of this is what they predicted. Serious scientists would say they need to revise or replace their model.

The IPCC is a POLITICAL body who employs scientists to support their position that humans are messing up the Earth’s weather.  The IPCC is a political body who is ignoring the Inconvenient Truth that their Global Warming models are not working at all, and there is no support for the idea that humans can control Earth’s weather.  They are still paying their scientists to present the data as if the model is still working.  Why are they doing this?  Because they would all be out of a job otherwise, and so would the politicians who have made inconveniences for us based on the untested model.

The June 2014 IPCC  “Summary for Policymakers” no longer emphasizes the current temperature record,  because It no longer conforms to their predictions.  They  continue to refer to climate change models, but they do not refer to their models as “Global Warming” and they don’t say they are based on CO2 (“Carbon”) anymore.  Instead, there are references only to “Climate Change” variations and the IPCC  claims with even more certainty that Humans are the cause.  The self-proclaimed worldwide Authority on Climate Change continues to predict more of what they have failed to prove. The connection between rising levels of CO2 (“Carbon”) and their predicted Global Warming is broken – see below.  Actual Satellite measurements show the Earth’s Global Temperatures are now going down.  The IPCC cannot talk about very recent global temperature rises anymore, because global warming from any source is just not happening.   Cooling is occurring instead.

Humans are not causing any measurable Global Warming, in fact, NOTHING is causing any measurable global warming over the last ten years.  The winter o 2013-3014 was the coldest in 30years. However, the IPCC says it is even MORE certain – now 95% confident (90% last year)- that humans are causing a disastrous hot climate future! The IPCC continues to  make this prediction when global temperatures are going down!  Obviously their models failed to predict this, but they say temperatures will resume rising again, they just don’t know how yet, or when. Their original position was that CO2 controlled ALL the Earth’s weather, and that humans control CO2.  This THEORY is the entire reason for their existence.  What now? Read the IPCC report itself via the link at the beginning of this paragraph, and see there are references to “Models” but no description of them or how they work anymore. Their models cannot the parallel the past or explain the present. Why should they predict the future? Actual weather is moving in the opposite direction from their predictions.  Who are the “Deniers” now?

In this June 2014 report, the IPCC includes a graph (below) of their forecast for worldwide temperature changes to the year 2100.  The range is from almost zero increase in the blue range model #6, to plus five degrees Centigrade in the red range model #5.  They claim to be the foremost authority on Global Climate Change, but they do not know what model to trust.  Then,  they represent that Model #5, the hottest Model will be the future (the chart on the bottom right ).  They have not acknowledged the current temperature decline, except to say that it is a pause  in the rise, and they don’t say why it is happening. It Can’t be CO2 (“Carbon”) anymore, because the Link is broken – but the IPCC will not say what their current forecast is based on.  The IPCC claims to be THE authority on Climate Change, so if ANYBODY should know why their forecasts are wrong, it is them.  The IPCC should be able to give us an accurate forecast, not such a wide range that their forecast is useless.

IPCC June 2014 Global Temp Forecast

Here below is the graph of CO2 (“Carbon”) along with Earth’s Temperature Anomaly since 1958.  This is the official records from the same source that the IPCC uses for their measurements.  The years in blue are years when global temperatures went down.  The IPCC promoted its model during the years in pink, when temperatures went up along with CO2, saying it was proof their model is working.  However, their model simply extends the line from 1977 to 2003 out into the future, parallel to the jagged CO2 graph in red.  How obvious it is that after 2003, the forecast is wrong.  The model does not work, and has been proven to be not working since 2003.  However, the IPCC is a POLITICAL body, not a scientific body.  Politics do not have to conform to the facts, and politicians very rarely do conform to the facts.  Who can we trust?

HadCRUT4 GlobalMonthlyTempSince1958 AndCO2

Below here is a graph of Global Temperatures since 1900 from the same source used by the IPCC, but without the modifications the IPCC made to straighten the line.  Looking at this graph, it is quite amazing that any climate scientist would think the constant rising line of CO2 could possibly make this temperature graph happen. It would have been a forced fit, and it still is.  The IPCC put forward their predictions with a wink, hoping it would come true, based on temperature data like this that they modified to make a straight upward line.  Even we non-experts can put a ruler on the graph and make a straight line sloped upwards.  Unfortunately, the IPCC promoted their predictions as very important and urgent, saying “IF” they were right, something had to be done right away to avoid future disaster, even if they were wrong.  It was a panic that was spread accross the world.  Unfortunately or fortunately,  the future disaster has not happened.  In fact, a WORSE disaster seems to be starting… deadly Global Cooling…. much more dangerous than Global Warming.  Now, we must be honest and realize the predicted hot disastrous future is not going to happen, and stop wasting human energy and huge fortunes preparing for the wrong thing.  We must begin preparing for the freeze that has already started, as predicted by the Real Climate Change forces that are much more powerful than any CO2 greenhouse effects.

HadCRUT4 50yr AnnualTrendSinceDecember1899

After all the years and years of fuss about how man-made CO2 (“Carbon”) is causing the Earth’s temperature to rise,  NOW the IPCC drops references to their basic theory!!  They have to, because it is not working. However, they have not come up with another mechanism or model to explain why they continue to predict future hot climate disaster caused by humans. They don’t say what to expect except more extremes, more disasters, and more heat. They are not bringing attention to the actual measurements. Instead, they talk about melting ice and storms and threatened polar bears (now disproven) and threatened penguins (the author of that story has now retracted it because the penguins just moved to other islands, they did not die or disappear).

The forces of Global Warming stopped at least 10 years ago.  The Earth is actually cooling. “What?”, this is not what we have heard lately, you say! The explanation is that the United Nations sponsored IPCC still is viewed as THE authority on Global Climate Change.  But the IPCC has it wrong and will not admit it.  The explanation is that the IPCC  CO2 based Climate Change Models are too simple.  Why? It is because the IPCC is dedicated IN THEIR CHARTER to demonstrating that humans are controlling the weather.  If they cannot show that, they have no reason to exist.  The only major factor they are looking at is the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, because they say they can show that CO2 is a greenhouse gas,  and they say humans are controlling CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere.

However, there are many forces that control the weather that are far more powerful then the greenhouse effect of CO2.   These other more powerful factors include 1) ocean currents that move warm and cold water into distant areas,  such as warm El Ninos that the IPCC admits occur, and cold La Ninas that they rarely mention. 2) the relationship between the motion of the planets, the activity of the sun, and how it regulates the amount of cosmic rays that get through from space to the Earth, making for cooling clouds.  These are  repeating patterns, and simply applying them gives a far better prediction than the IPCC models we have all been told are perfect.  3) CO2 is but a very small part of Earth’s temperature control as a greenhouse gas.  97% of Earth’s greenhouse gas effects are from Water Vapor, not CO2.   The IPCC ASSUMED CO2 could control water vapor, but this has been proven wrong.  Water vapor stops being a greenhouse gas when it becomes water in clouds and rain or snow, and shades the planet, cooling Earth’s surface.

Here is how the effect of the sun on clouds works.

This indirect way the Sun controls temperatures on Earth fooled even the most qualified Climate Scientists, including the IPCC scientists.  Since the actual brightness of the Sun does not change much, the IPCC ASSUMED the sun has no variable effect on Earth’s temperatures.  However, when the active Sun’s magnetic field blocks Cosmic rays, the water vapor in our atmosphere remains invisible. Invisible water vapor acts as a greenhouse gas responsible for 97% of global warming. An active Sun, as evidenced by sunspots, prevents the formation of some clouds on Earth, warming the Earth.  When the Sun is calm, more clouds form. shading and cooling the Earth. It is hugely more powerful than CO2 . The IPCC ASSUMED, WITHOUT PROOF, that CO2 (“Carbon”) would control the Water Vapor instead of the Sun.   This seemed to make sense  from about 1977 to about 2003, while temperatures and CO2 both rose together.  The Sun was in a very active period, but not brighter, so it looked good. But now there is proof the ASSUMPTION IS WRONG.  Just look at the measurements today.  Since 2003, CO2 has continued to rise on a straight line, but global temperatures went flat and are now declining fast.

The inactive Sun’s low magnetic field and Solar wind does not block cosmic rays, and this causes more clouds to form on Earth.  The Sun went into a very calm period after the year 2000, and seems to be stuck there for a while. There is a very strong correlation between the Sun’s activity and global temperatures in the last 400years. CO2 cannot compete, and does not control water vapor as the IPCC assumed.  Water Vapor is the most powerful greenhouse gas, but it has a trick to it when it becomes water in clouds.  These facts have not been reported in the media yet.  The media will soon have to report that actual cooling has begun on Earth and we can stop the panic over hot temperatures.  There really should be a panic over the coming cold temperatures, because they are more deadly.

Since 2003, the sun has been extremely quiet, letting cosmic rays get through to Earth. Clouds are made by those cosmic rays (ionizing the water vapor in the atmosphere). The clouds reflect the sun’s heat back into space, cooling us, shading us.  At any one time., 63% to 70% of the Earth is covered by clouds (see graph below of global cloud cover vs global temperature).  That same cloud cover also makes cool areas next to warm areas, causing more storms and more violent storms, as we have been seeing in recent times. We are getting more clouds now, and the Earth is clearly cooling if you look at the satellite temperature measurements.  Global Warming is not causing the violent weather. Instead, it is the beginning of Global Cooling that is making for unstable air with clouds.  The current calmness of the sun is generating clouds, resulting in cold, and sometimes violent weather, and it will continue until the Sun wakes up, maybe as late at 2050. This not theory.  This is observation of the long term cycles in Nature on Earth as they relate to each other over and over and over again for thousands of years.

Here is the graph of temperatures for the last 100 years along with the mathematically derived line it describes.  Anyone who uses a straight line like the red one is missing the patterns that can be used for prediction into the future.  Note that since 2003, the line actually hooks down strongly. This is directly opposite to the IPCC’s graphs predicting temperatures would kick up, like the end of a “Hockey-Stick”, and continue upwards following the increasing CO2.  Clearly, CO2 is not the cause.


Here is a graph of the actual global temperatures vs. the all the many IPCC models predicting a “Hockey Stick” increase.  They just do not follow the actual line after 2003, and they “Wiggle”, showing they are not an accurate representation of actual temperature measurements.  When 2013 and 2014 get added on, measured temperatures actually turn downward.  The IPCC models do not predict that at all.  Why are there so many similar models predicting the wrong thing?  That has a simple answer.  The IPCC is an assembly of the world’s nations connected with the United Nations.  Each country has paid its scientists to run their own version of the same IPCC model trying to show that CO2 controls the worlds temperatures.  These paid scientists can ONLY run their version of the IPCC model or they will not get paid by their governments.  It is such a good job, they will not disobey.  They all see the model is not working, but they are hanging on as long as they can.  Mavericks are not tolerated because they show that the “Emporer Has No Clothes”.

Earth Temperature Actual vs IPCC Models

What are  the  facts about the Earth’s temperature history? Why are we told it is caused by CO2? Why are we told that Global Warming is in runaway mode and cannot be stopped?  What is really likely to happen to Earth’s Climate in the near future?

If you are an avid follower of science, also read the very detailed scientific article on the major forces that control the Earth’s climate at:

And/or, you can watch the YouTube Audio-Video below that explains what is in that article.

See these videos, and make up your own mind.

The mechanism for an active or inactive sun changing Earth’s weather is not obvious. That is how the IPCC climate scientists were fooled.  Here it is, explained again in a slightly different way. The Sun does not radiate more heat or less heat with changes in its activity. Instead, the Sun is either blowing  cosmic rays away from the Earth with its own violent Sun-Storms  or it is not blowing cosmic rays away. When the Sun is active, it blows away the cosmic rays.  There are fewer cosmic rays hitting the water vapor in the Earth’s atmosphere, and Water vapor is allowed to remain invisible.  Invisible water Vapor is a much more effective greenhouse gas than CO2, and the Earth warms up.  Oppositely, when the Sun is quiet, the cosmic rays get through.  The cosmic rays make lots of clouds everywhere on Earth, especially over the moist oceans and tropics. The Southern Hemisphere has more oceans and gets more clouds. The South Pole has been cooling for years.  Antarctic ice is at record levels. The Sun is very quiet now.  We are very exposed to Cosmic rays. There are more clouds. This has is having a dramatic cooling effect, and is making for more violent weather because of temperature differences between areas with and without clouds.

Here is a video regarding this relationship.

The solar system cycle we are in is unusually stretched out, and the Sun’s activity is very low.  Previous similar cycles have the Sun inactive for decades.  It may even go to “Sleep” for decades. The bottom line is we may be headed for very cold weather, with the coldest depths about the year 2030 by credible forecasts. Along with the cooling we will get more violent weather, but not because of Man or Woman.

Here is a plot of  measured Temperatures on the Earth vs. the amount of Cloud Cover.  More Cloud Cover means lower temperatures.


The sun has short and long cycles of activity.  We are at the end of a 206 Year cycle and a 166 Year cycle, marked by an extended time of cold weather on Earth. Look back about 200 years and about 400 years into the Earth’s weather history and see what we are in for now.  More CO2 “(Carbon”) will not save us.  Not even water vapor greenhouse effects will save us.

Here is a recent history of the Sun’s activity.  The low activity periods were times when the Earth had “Little Ice Ages”. The one 400 years ago was extreme. We are just finishing a warm period, ending a 200 year cycle.

Sunspot_Numbers_History 1600 to 2000

Here is Today’s sun activity “Sunspot” Cycle.  It is the 24th cycle humans have continuously recorded. Note how it is much lower then the last one, and it has a double hump.  The double hump is common in low activity cycles like the Little ice ages of the last 200 and 400 years. it is 40% lower than Cycle 23, and 60% lower than cycle 22.  This is very serious.  Every time this has occurred before, the Earth has cooled dangerously and people die of the cold and die of starvation because crops cannot be raised in lattitudes  away from the Earth’s equator.

sunspots 2014

The long, low, stretched trough of solar activity in cycle 24 is also characteristic of extended periods of inactivity in the past. This means a we are in a long cycle of low temperatures on Earth if we look at the historic record.  Meanwhile, CO2 “(Carbon”) keeps going up on a straight line, but it is not helping us stay warm.  I wish it could.  We all will wish it could.

If you have not already looked at the YouTube videos, do so now, while these concepts are fresh in your mind. Be skeptical.  After seeing all the publicity and promotion for Global Warming based on Human Activity, you should be skeptical. They want you to believe their story so you will do what they tell you to do.  For a more in-depth explanation of the science,  read the article that is linked to above. You are now among those who know what is really happening with our weather. Listen politely as the “Global Warming” promoters avoid explaining why their predictions do not match the reality of measured Earth temperature changes.  Lately, they don’t want to say “Global Warming” anymore.  They still claim to be THE experts on how Humans are causing disastrous “Climate Change”.  They do not have a new model.  But the old model no longer works.  Be skeptical.  THEY ARE NOW THE “DENIERS”, denying the actual weather that does not conform to their predictions.  Think for yourself.  Get informed independently.  Look out the window the next two to five years and see for yourself.  Have you noticed winters coming earlier and summers starting later? They have been doing so.   Have you noticed more cold temperature records being set than warm temperature records, EVEN IN THE SUMMER?  Where does that lead? Longer winters, more cold and more disproof of the IPCC Global Warming predictions.  Their positions are POLITICAL, not science based.

Here is more about  how that works.

How did we get into this unscientific politically driven madness? There must be a sensible explanation.  Well meaning liberal activists are on the wrong side of this Global Warming issue, but with very good intentions.  Because they are anti fossil fuels and anti industrialization, the story of man-made “Global Warming” from higher CO2 levels supports their cause.  They want to save nature. I also support their cause to preserve nature and stop pollution.  However, Human Caused Global Warming is not real.  It is a convenient way to take over the liberal activists energies and direct them for political and economic gain.  Governments and large economic interests, except for Fossil Fuel producers, are using the liberal activists, and general public opinion for their own political and economic gain.  These special interests keep driving the Global Warming message and concealing the difference between the actual weather vs. their forecasts

Carbon Credits and Carbon Taxes are the biggest attempt in human history to extort money from everyone on Earth by making them feel guilty.    Carbon Credits are an attempt to extort vast sums of money in the name of saving the Earth. The sales pitch is in the name of Human Caused Global Warming because has worked, and the storytellers point to trusted “scientists”.  However, they paid the scientists, who sold themselves out to support the storytellers, because scientists depend on research grants to support themselves.  There just are not many sources of employment that pay well for scientists. Liberal activists are like the rest of us – the very people who want to make things better – have unknowingly been victimized.  Politics and economics are being used to manipulate liberal activists, and everyone. The beneficiaries are the very same big corporations and rich individuals (such as Al Gore, whose Venture Capital company sells alternative energy equipment and Carbon Capture equipment), along with the very politicians that environmentalists and most of us hate and distrust. We are all being victimized. Perhaps some liberal activists have sold out too, and don’t care, as long as it serves their purposes. That is a deal with The Devil, and The Devil always collects.

The political momentum of “Global Warming” has swept politicians into and out of office., No place has been as active in this area than Australia.  Six political leaders won or lost elections on the Carbon Tax issue.  This July 2014, Australia repealed ALL of its Carbon Tax laws that were only two years old.  Australian voters saw they were being taxed and getting nothing in return.  There was no effect on the weather.  Their utility bills were rising fast.  Their jobs were evaporating. The new prime minister and other politicians won the election by saying they would repeal the Carbon Taxes, and they did.

Researchers who support the idea of man-made “Global Warming” in any way get easy funding. Funding for research is limited, and is not available to research alternative points of view.   “Global Warming” “Deniers” have had their careers stunted or destroyed for not going along.  It is quite insidious

“Carbon Credits” are a new currency that will be worthless when it is seen that global cooling is the real problem.  The creators, bankers (al Gore, etc.), and SELLERS of carbon credits will take home the poker game pot.  The BUYERS are being victimized, along with the rest of us, and will lose their investment. Carbon credits will be worthless in five years.

CO2 (“Carbon”) is undeniably on a consistently upward path. If CO2 does not cause Global Warming, is there still a reason to be concerned?  Yes there is.  It may still be a forewarning of a global disaster we have seen coming for a long time. Why are CO2 levels going up?  I discovered a relationship that is actually quite intuitive.  It makes sense, and it is scary too. Look at these two charts and see if what is happening on one is connected to the other.

Here is a chart of CO2 concentrations worldwide averaged over March 2001 from  Actual CO2 concentrations have gone up much more since then.


Here is a moving chart of worldwide fires, mostly man-made, from EOSDIS and Satellites.  They have a very similar pattern, and this particular chart shows how they change monthly.  When it shows March, the map looks very close to the CO2 map above.

Global Fire Map 2010_animation

This means that Man-Made OPEN FIRES are the actual dominant mechanism for man-made CO2, and air pollution, not coal fired power plants or cars or trucks or ships or automobiles.  World Population in Al Gore’s chart was nearly flat, then suddenly grew exponentially after 1950. That population growth was due to modern medicine, clean water and sanitation. Industrialized nations controlled their populations, and burned fossil fuels. Other parts of the world got the benefits of modern medicine and clean water and sanitation, but not fossil fuels. Instead, their exploding populations burn wood and their greenery, and use fire to clear land. If we really want to make a difference in CO2 and worldwide air pollution THIS is where we have to go to make a BIG difference, and save what is left of the Earth’s natural environment.

To stop worldwide air pollution, we have to stop or slow the burning of wood and plants.  GREENERY ABSORBS CO2 and fixes it into plant matter.  We have to stop mam-made fires being used for clearing land, cooking and heating, because it destroys greenery and pollutes the atmosphere.  We have to stop Man-Made open fires everywhere. THIS is how we stop the pollution that is dirtying up our natural world. At the same time, we must continue to clean up our industrialized areas too with technology, conservation and clean energy. It was brought to our attention that CO2 is rising rapidly. We must honestly recognize that CO2 is actually healthy for the planet.  A 10% increase in CO2 doubles the rate of plant growth.  Greenhouse growers put CO2 into the greenhouses to make plants grow faster and stronger.  For Humans, today’s CO2 could be 20 times higher and still not be toxic.    the dominant production of air pollution on the Earth is burning ORGANICS. It is also the destruction of Nature. How many species have gone extinct because of Man-Made open fires, collecting fuel for cooking fires, and heating fires. Probably more than the production and burning of coal or oil or natural gas. This is important.

Yes, we must definitely control emissions from burning fossil fuels, and stop or slow the destruction of nature from digging and drilling and fracking for them.  Yes, but fires burning organics are by far a bigger problem with the exponentially increasing human population on Earth.  This is a problem that has now been highlighted by the concern for man-made rising CO2 levels.  It is not Global Warming, but it is huge Global Pollution and destruction of Nature on the same scale. We need more conservation of energy and more clean energy. We need to bring clean energy and energy conservation technology to the same places we brought modern medicine and clean water and sanitation.

Global Fires also produce smoke and ash that floats around the Earth in air currents. It has been clearly observed that when volcanoes send smoke and ash into the atmosphere. Particles in the atmosphere cause global cooling by encouraging the formation of clouds, in spite of the huge volume of CO2 that goes with it.  The same mechanism may be causing global cooling because of the huge and increasing volume of smoke and ash from human-made fires burning trees, grasses and bushes. With the beginning of Global Cooling because of the effects of the Sun, the particles in the atmosphere could make it even worse.

It appears we are entering an extended cycle of severe Global Cooling.  How serious is this? What does this mean for most people? It is deadly.  Based on what happened 200 and 400 years ago, It is deadly serious.  Food and energy will be more expensive.  Many may die of starvation or freezing, as they did about two hundred years ago, and four hundred years ago, when crops failed, and fuel for heating grew scarce or expensive. Our technology will be challenged. Solar panels may not work as well due to longer winters. We need to prepare all populations for the right disaster. It is not Global warming.

All sources of energy will be important tools to save us from global cooling In the near future, even in the next few years. Fossil Fuels may still be essential tools with new technology to make them less polluting and more efficient.  We will need energy for HEAT.  Even more pressure will be put on Nature than ever in human history, as the billions of people in undeveloped populations burn organics for warmth. We must do something NOW. Meanwhile, To be sure, Politicians and industry will find new ways to make industrialized populations pay even more to adjust to… Global Cooling, because we did not prepare ourselves.

Our Politicians and Big Corporations and Big money are still leading us to prepare for warming, instead of preparing for the cooling that is already here and getting stronger.  They are selling us new things based on “Global Warming”. They are short sighted and uninterested in reality if it does not serve their immediate political and economic gains.  This is wasteful and cruel.

When it gets much, much colder, they will be there again to offer help, at their price. With today’s internet and phone connected society, we can bypass their strangleholds. We can see the future for ourselves. We can crowd source solutions. We can help each other prepare and cope.

Right now, the theories of the IPCC have been adopted by the general public because they are in alignment with environmental responsibility.  However, the IPCC is not a scientific organization at all.  It is a POLITICAL organization using paid scientists on a mission.  Their theories have been adopted without question because their arguments are persuasive.  We want to believe we can save the Earth from Humans.  However, the IPCC man-made CO2 model for climate change has been exposed as a fabrication.  Their vision of the future disaster is also a fairy tale. They must cling to their authority or disappear. They will not give up easily. We are on our own to know what to do next, to see what will REALLY work to protect our environment, to protect OURSELVES from the coming climate change that is beyond our puny human control.

We have to look at the full science of Earth’s temperature controls, not the limited and Political Science of the IPCC. The tools to begin to understand are here on this page, I think.  The Global Warming story will fade fast now.   Look out the window and make up your own mind over the next few years to see if winters are indeed getting longer. Weather extremes always exceed records from the past, and they always will. However, these are not caused by Human CO2.  They are caused by naturally occuring and cyclical forces that we already understand better. We must stop barking up the wrong tree and take control to save our planet, and save humanity.  Perhaps we should apply our resources to prepare for the cold, the shortage of food, the need for energy to keep warm.

In summary, It is unfortunate that we may lose whatever confidence we still have in our politicians, AND we may lose whatever confidence we have in scientists because of the IPCC.  They have all betrayed us for their self-interests. They are screaming louder and louder to support their Theories about “Global Warming” (now “Climate Change”) and to keep our attention off of the real weather and off of the fact that they cannot predict the future climate after all.  They still claim to be trusted experts. Don’t listen to them, except as a reference.  Hopefully, the majority of scientists will declare there is no global warming. Even the thousands of scientists who are being paid to research the effects of assumed global warming on anything and everything. Hopefully, they will all rise up, be true to science, not politics, and confirm that the IPCC emperor has no clothes.

Think for yourself. See the full facts, not just their facts.  Use Google Search to get more information.  Read. Question. Use your own senses.  Look around you for clues to the real direction.  If it is Global Cooling, look for the winters getting longer.  There is evidence in the very places the IPCC pointed to for global warming. The melting arctic ice in summer has now reversed.  There is has been MORE arctic ice each year in the WINTER, but they don’t talk about that. Watch the Antarctic ice. See the new record low temperatures along with the new record high temperatures. Keep an open mind and be prepared to act on it.  Listen for other voices to compare to.

The inconvenient truth is really that we are nearing the end of the Earth’s “Holiday” from normal ice ages.  What does this mean, and how can we prepare?  Here Is the truth:

See for relevant and current data charts and analyses. It is continually being added to.  Look at the NASA and NOAA and ICE Monitoring agency information and make up your own mind.

Look for sincere and competent leadership.  It seems to be scarce.  Self interest still rules, as a rule, but rules are made to be broken. Peace, Love, and save Mother Nature.

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