Burt Rutan, Aviation and Space Pioneer, Presents his Findings on the Real Climate Change Data and Discusses What to Do About it.

Burt Rutan Presents his findings on the Real Climate Change Data 

Video on Youtube


It is not surprising that Burt Rutan, Aerospace Engineer, would be interested in the weather. His aircraft have travelled nonstop around the world, and now into space. Weather can make or break the flights of his innovative aircraft.

Burt Rutan has assembled data on the Earth’s Weather history and how Weather, including temperatures have been measured. It is amazing to see what we do know about the Earth’s history. Never before has all this information been presented in one place. There are many revelations that come from looking at it all at once from the point of view of the possibility of Humans causing Global Warming, and how Dangerous it may be.

Do not miss this video to understand the facts so you can decide for yourself what the future holds.

Video on Youtube



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