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Volkswagen, In the future, you can Provide High Fuel Economy and Performance in Spite of Impossible CO2 Emissions Requirements that are Scientifically Wrong.

Volkswagen, you provided high fuel economy and performance in spite of impossible emissions requirements that are totally unnecessary. Please reveal that those CO2 emissions limits as scientifically unfounded. Here is the support for that: Putting CO2 emission limits on cars and trucks will do nothing for the climate. Global Temperatures went up from 1973 to 2003, but went down before and after that 30 year period while CO2 rose continuously.

See  http://iccfglobal.org/ppt/Illarionov-013004.html.ppt

or Paullitely.com

for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Science and Economy briefing 2004 for Kyoto on Global Warming, and proofs and details. Will Putin update this presentation in Paris in December? I hope so.