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UNfortunate for the GOP if they Cave In to Globalwarming Activists

Written by Paul Litely at Paullitely.com

Re the article:


Unfortunate for the GOP if they cave in to the Global Warming alarmists.  Then THEY TOO will be shown to be wrong in the next few years as the climate turns colder and colder in the “Landscheidt Minimum” little ice age.  If they just adhere to their position, supported by real science, then they will be able to overturn the Democrats credibility as the charlatans they are on this topic.

I have come to the conclusion that all these “Climate Actions” are ways to create a cash slush fund that the public has to swallow or be unresponsive to the shrill climate activists claims and statements.  This applies from the very top at the UN, down through the countries to the states to the counties to the individual cities and beyond.  What is being done now at the UN to get commitments from countries for 10+ Billion dollars, along with this article you brought up shows this.  Fortunately, there is some rebellion, particularly by Austrailia, who is saying NO, we don’t have money to hire people to look for ways to make life more difficult and expensive, but we do have money to save the reefs and the rainforests by stopping them from being despoiled by illegal logging and dredging.  Hopefully, the taxpayers, who have to pay for all these slush funds, will be asking questions about what they get for the $.  So far, nothing has been done to change the weather, and the weather is fixing itself despite claims to the contrary.  The more obvious this becomes, the more the public will call for a stop to the waste of their tax dollars, as is being done in Austrailia.  The next few years will be colder and colder, making it undeniable that humans are not changing the weather as claimed by the beneficiaries of the slush funds.  So many jobs and budgets depend on the sharade that it will not go quietly, that is for sure.