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Clouds, Rain and Snow and the Sun are the most powerful climate forces yet they are left out of Globalwarming discussions

Written by Paul Litely at Paullitely.com

How can anyone talk about weather or climate changes while only talking of CO2 as the driving force? The SUN, WATER EVAPORATION, CLOUDS, Rain and Snow do it all instead. CO2 does nothing significant. The greenhouse gas effect of CO2 is just an interesting laboratory experiment. The idea that it could drive the Earth’s weather was an idea that has proven to be impossible.  There is not enough CO2 in the Earth’s Atmosphere to make any difference in the weather. See Paullitely.com for clear details.
Recent weather continues to get colder, not hotter. When will the media stop their conspiracy with well-meaning scientists who have sold out to reduce Fossil Fuel consumption? Will they apologize as we go deeper into the little ice age and it is obvious to all? Will we ever trust “Science” again? How many more of us will die from not being able to pay for fuel to heat and food to eat? British pensioners die by the thousands each year this way already. Cold weather kills. Cold weather prevents growing food.

Global Warming is just not happening now.  It has not happened as a consequence of CO2 EVER!  However, there have been periods when CO2 concentrations went up with global temperature, but it was not cause-and-effect.  Instead, it was coincidence.  Those who would influence people and nations to reduce their consumption of Fossil Fuels used this period of coincidence to say they had “Proven” that CO2 controls the Earth’s Weather.  This is flatly untrue.  The Earth has been cooling for the last 3,000 years while CO2 has been increasing for 7,000 years.

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