Paparazzi Photo Ambush Caused Bruce Jenner’s Fatal Accident.

Blame the PAPPARAZZI Ambush! This was a clear setup by the Papparazi. Their posted video coverage was way too good just before the accident as he approached. It had to be an ambush. Otherwise, why would the video start before Bruce’s vehicle struck the other vehicles? This clearly indicates they were planted in place in ambush while the driver of the small black Prius car applied the brakes and stopped for no other reason than to stop Bruce where the cameras could video him. The Black Prius did not go into the center turn lane to prepare for any turns. It stopped in the #1 fast lane. The plan was very badly performed because the driver of the small Black Prius stopped too fast and the white car in between them had to stop even FASTER. Bruce could not possibly slow that heavy vehicle and trailer quickly enough while avoiding a “Jack-Knife” Bruce did all he could do, and did it well. The white car was in between Bruce and the little black Prius car that clearly only stopped FOR PURPOSES OF THE PAPPARAZZI. The black Prius stopped quickly with nothing ahead, but the white car stopped even faster, trying to leave lots of room in front, wondering what was wrong with the Black Prius Car and driver. Yes, When seeing the black Prius car braking for no apparent reason the white car stopped even faster to give the Black Prius car room. This faster white car stop meant Bruce could not possibly avoid hitting the white car from behind, pushing it into oncoming traffic. Unfortunately, the white car turned a bit left while braking, most likely thinking something had entered the road from the right to cause the black Prius car to stop. This lined up the white car to be pushed into opposing traffic as bruce had no possibility of stopping before hitting the white car and on to hit the Black car too. BOTTOM line is that the paparazzi set up a photo trap with a plan to have the black Prius car stop and block Bruce so videos and photos could be taken. These PAPPARAZZI Ambushers were obviously the primary cause for the accident. Things went wrong because no allowance was made for Bruce to stop his heavy big rig and trailer safely. This was made worse when the white car stopped Even FASTER because of panic, wondering what was wrong with the Black Prius car and driver. Bruce had no chance to stop in time, and the white car pointed left in panic, looking for the cause of the Black Prius car stopping. This guaranteed Bruce would push the white car into opposing traffic, with no warning or time for opposing traffic to foot the brake. Blame the PAPPARAZZI Ambush in a conspiracy to block traffic in a dangerous way. The Driver of the Black Prius should be required to take a lie detector test. She had an expired license. Stomping on the brake with vehicles close behind and nothing ahead was intentionally reckless. It was so reckless that Bruce even hit the Black Prius AFTER hitting the White car. This needs much, much more investigation, and a dedicated search for the missing incriminating video, or people who saw it or know about it, as I did.

NOTE:  I have not seen the video since a day or two after after the accident.  They replaced it  online with the bus security cam video within a day. It made me angry that I could not make these comments then on that news site. Was it CNN? BBC? CBS? I seem to recall it was a major news site. Where did it go? It was so very clear what happened in that video. The Bus, whose security cam video was used to replace the one I saw, was too far away and fuzzy and short to make the posted video that I saw. Who else has seen it?  Again, where did that video go? It was only up for about a day. The video I saw was just up to the accident, but did not include it. Then there was video after the accident by what looked like the same camera, looking at the wreckage. All witnesses should be questioned, especially anyone who had a video camera there that day. ANYONE, including those associated with the News or Sensational media.


1 thought on “Paparazzi Photo Ambush Caused Bruce Jenner’s Fatal Accident.

  1. Watch the videos and see for yourself. If possible, find the one that was posted for only a day. I believe it was posted on a news channel site. CNN? It showed Bruce Driving straight by just before the accident. He was looking straight ahead, and there was no damage to the truck. If they were able to get this video, why were they there at that time, JUST BEFORE the accident? It had to be a setup.


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