We are Being Led Toward a Fantasy Future While We Should Be Preparing for a Different Deadly Climate

Written by Paul Litely at Paullitely.com

The idea of “Energy Storage” in the oceans, or anywhere else on Earth without increased Solar heating at the surface is not evident. What is evident is that The Earth’s 97% Dominant greenhouse gas is water vapor. It is so dominant that it is the only significant greenhouse gas.  It is not controlled by trace greenhouse gasses such as CO2.  I understand this is not what we have been told, but bear with me here.  Because water vapor transforms into clouds, it is impossible for the Earth’s temperature to runaway. More heat makes more clouds, and that makes more shade, to keep it in balance.

The dissipation of heat in the Earth’s atmosphere by upward radiation to space is enormous. The reflection of the Sun’s energy  off of clouds, back out into space is enormous. This heat has to be replaced daily by the Sun to keep the Earth from cooling. The dissipation of heat can only be balanced when the Earths “Venetian Blinds”, meaning the Cloud Cover, opens up so the surface of the Earth’s land and oceans can be absorb the Sun’s direct infrared radiation and be warmed

Today’s very low and rapidly declining activity of the Sun is indirectly increasing the Earth’s average cloudiness, driving us into a very cold future climate. The mechanism for this has only recently been understood. Cloud cover will be shading us increasingly Until the Sun finishes flipping North and South poles, as it does approximately every 200 years. It will take a while to finish the flip it has started. It may take 70 years, as it did in the 1600’s. Many, many people will freeze and starve unless we can have inexpensive energy for heating and to transport food from warm climates to our cold latitudes. Canada and Northern Europe will have great difficulty, as well as Russia, and the Northern US.

All types of Fossil Fuels will be essential to survival, but Clean Burning may still be a priority, increasing the cost of that energy. Nuclear energy may make a resurgence, fulfilling the promise made decades ago. Of course, the same powers that are sucking us of our treasure today may be selling the fuel and food at higher prices, at the exaggerated and unfortunate expense of those who can least afford it. Political unrest may be inevitable as patience becomes opposite to survival. Benevolent leaders may prevent this, especially if they get a head start.

It is so obvious that our greedy political leaders and “Scientists”, led by those at the UN, continue the spread of misinformation and misdirection through the popular media for their own personal gain, They all want to get paid as long as possible before the weather proves the “Emperor Has No Clothes”. Major industries have been created with subsidies and grants and tax credits based on fears of the non-existent dominant CO2 Global Warming. Those industries, too, will feed the fairy tale until they can no longer hold on to what will be obvious lies.. Their credibility will be lost.
Without credible traditional political and scientific leaders, the public may go random or be susceptible to radical ideas. The anarchy desired by anti-establishment activists may come to pass, with disastrous consequences for us AND them. Look at what filled the vacuum left behind when stable governments and societal structures were shattered in the Middle East. Activists, just like terrorist extremists, believe they can step into the vacuum and establish a society based on THEIR utopian ideas. That is their stated and unstated goal. However, Utopias are inherently unstable and doomed to failure because they attempt to enforce the denial of some elements of human nature and enforce the cultivation of other elements of human nature. They become manipulative.
All of human history has shown that all elements of human nature will always express themselves. Thank you, Shakespeare for your illuminating plays of passion. Totalitarian societies can be stable, while being undesirably intolerant and abusive, OR they can be benevolent. An unstable disorderly uncivilized undemocratic environment gives room for the worst elements of human nature to get a foothold by force or fiat, and be similarly intolerant and abusive. Unfortunately, self-serving or messianic characters are frequently successful in the struggle for dominance and power.
Truly democratic societies are flexible living things, and may swing from moderate extreme to moderate extreme, but they tend towards freedom of expression with protection from physical harm. What we have in the United States is not perfect, but is more perfect than what else is out there, and it deserves patience as it glacially moves to the will of the people, and hopefully to the vision of wise leaders. Of course, we get impatient. Bless us with wise leaders.
Hopefully, enough of those political and scientific leaders will see the light and
Then, those leaders can lead with informed clarity and dignity to help us prepare for the difficult and deadly climate future we have already entered.
We are being prepared by our leaders for the opposite of what we should be preparing for. We are facing Decades of deadly cold weather. Shame on them and God save us all. We have to prepare ourselves in spite of the misdirection and the ongoing waste of vast amounts of capital, both financial and human. We have to raise our own individual awareness of the misdirection by looking out the window at the weather and discovering indisputable facts. Then, we must question why it does not match up with the “Official” predictions. It is possible to question raw authority and make up our own minds from ALL the information available. We need to select leaders (VOTE) who are curious and informed and objective to be truly responsible for the welfare of their constituents. Dogmatism leads to dog days. Dishonest leaders take us to destinations of their benefit, not ours.
Earlier, Colder, Longer Winters have already begun. This means by definition that the Earth is cooling, regardless of occasional Summer heat spikes. Summer may all but disappear, as it did 200 years ago and 400 years ago, when the Sun previously flipped North and South poles. More ice is rapidly accumulating at the Earth’s poles. Let’s continue to watch them and other indicators of the Cooling of the Earth, while beneficial CO2 accumulates to fertilize green plants and trees. CO2 will ironically help to solve the world’s coming food crisis from shorter and colder growing seasons.

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