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Christopher Richey12 hours ago
The scientists reporting in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) AR5 report of Sept. 27, 2013, actually said “confidence in attribution to human influence remains low due to modelling uncertainties and low agreement between scientific studies.”

Pages 114 and 115 of the Technical Summary of the September 2013 IPCC Working Sciences Group I report show that the scientists make no predictive forecasts of catastrophe, stating they do not have sufficient long-term data.

“In other words, the NODC’s ocean heat content data for depths of 0-700 meters is primarily a Northern Hemisphere dataset before the early-to-mid 2000s. Or to phrase it another way, there was basically no coverage of the oceans in the Southern Hemisphere before ARGO.”

So, the reason these charts were based on ‘Average Pentadal’ research, is because that is all that they have…5 years of data…which they have ‘reverse engineered’ into other non-existent data back to the beginning of the century.

By the way, the writer of this article didn’t bother to analyze the VAST amount of information that goes along with it…all, also, reverse engineered to fit their models, not observations.

And while we are at it, how about using numbers that HAVE actually been collected for more than 5 years:

And this illustrates the full measure of the farce. GLOBAL means EVERYWHERE! But, none of the ‘Warmers’ have data to support ANY global correlations. It is not possible to have before 5 years ago…and what they are measuring now is completely explained by El Nina…

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