United Kingdom has had Enough of Costly Climate Control Laws, and is Following Australia’s Lead

In August 2014, The United Kingdom under Prime Minister David Cameron is heading towards repeal of some or all of Climate Control and taxation laws of 2008. Australia just repealed all its twelve 2012 Carbon Tax laws after just two years, in July 2014.
David Cameron has been quoted as saying in private that “We’ve got to get rid of all this green crap”. Why would he say that? Because he has realized that the increase in price for energy is damaging the economy and is actually killing people… mostly low income pensioners in the winter who have to choose between eating and heating they cannot afford (estimated 35,000 last winter in UK). Prime Minister David Cameron has come to realize, as Austrailian Prime Minister David Abbott did, that the emissions from the small country United Kingdom are so very small compared to China and India and the United States, that they are insignificant. Besides, evidence is rapidly growing that CO2 and humans are not controlling the weather after all.
It does not make sense to turn your economy inside out, raising the cost of living, and distorting markets with punitive energy taxes when the effect of all this self-abuse is tiny compared to emissions from the largest countries, especially China and India and the United States. The economy of the United Kingdom is being dragged down by taxes and subsidies to bend the emissions. In addition, solar power does not work well in cloudy Great Britain, and there is a backlash against the unsightly windmills everywhere.
The UK is a small player in global emissions, so it could not possibly make a significant difference globally, even if CO2 were actually causing Global Warming.
There is growing evidence that CO2 is not in control of the Earth’s Climate. CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere continue to rise, while Global Temperatures declined for at least ten years, the Arctic Ice has returned almost to normal in 2013-2014, the Great Lakes froze over last winter, and low temperature records have been set in the Winter and even in the Summer in 2013-2014. Predictions by scientists not employed by Global Warming promoters say this continued cooling will turn deadly in the next few years, with no definite end.
If CO2 were a significant cause of Global Warming, other countries could easily make much bigger difference than the United Kingdom. The UK does not contribute enough CO2 to make a difference even if the UK stopped all emissions altogether.
Meanwhile, the United States has reduced its emissions dramatically WITHOUT Carbon Taxes, Carbon Trading, or other draconian measures by switching to abundant clean burning Natural Gas for power generation and transportation. The benefits are for cleaner air, by reducing noxious emissions other than CO2, such as those from burning coal.
However , China now produces as much emissions as the rest of the world combined. If China continues to increase its emissions, nobody else matters.
Here are the details for the United Kingdom and for the world on who is big enough to make a difference in emissions:

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