Why Australia Just Repealed ALL Carbon Tax Laws After Just Two Years

Australia has been a battleground for Carbon Tax Debates since about 1988. Six Australian Political leaders have either won or lost elections mainly on this topic. Nobody knows better the details of the cost of trying to stop global warming than the Australians.

Australians were against Carbon Taxes and Renewable Energy taxes. But their representatives thought they knew better and passed them anyway. The voters did not forget.  At the next election, in 2014, the Prime Minister and Parliamentarians were elected on a promise to repeal the Carbon Tax laws.  They did repeal them in July 2014.

Here is how it went down:

As an aside, nobody would have expected this:  Al Gore appeared during the carbontax repeal discussions, alongside industrialist Clive Palmer. Al Gore said to repeal the carbon tax laws!   Al Gore saw how unpopular the Carbon Tax laws were, and realized public opinion was threatening the Renewal Energy Tax.  That Renewable Energy tax is intended to provide $2.7 Million of subsidies that Al Gore’s Venture Capital company will get contracts to perform in Austrailia, along with contracts for retrofits for the Coal Mines, the Iron Mines and Steel Plants and the Aluminum (Bauxite) Mines and Aluminum plants.

It turns out that Al Gore’s ethics can be bought, the same as the “scientists” who promote the unfounded fear of Global Warming.  It is Science itself that these “Scientists” are abandoning.   It is Al Gore who Global Warming believers will not abandon.  Al Gore MUST be right, because he got a Nobel Prize and an Academy Award!  However, it has come down to this as global warming has turned to Global Cooling for the long run.  Question: do you believe your eyes and other senses that show you the real climate, or do you believe Al Gore and the weather he predicts that is not happening day after week after month after year after decade? Choose from Reality or fairy tale… you can live in one or the other, but fairy tales come to an end. Reality is forever.

Finally, there is clear evidence that the Australian Bureau of Meteorology made intentional changes to Actual Measured Temperature Records in order to change cooling to warming over the last 100 years. When challenged, the ABM said they thought the measuring station “might have been moved”. However, the measuring station had NEVER been moved, and past temperatures had been deliberately lowered by as much as 1.8% Celsius going back from 1979 to 1913 because they did not comply with the preconceived Global Warming scenario. This was called “Homogenization”, or blending to match other measuring station data. There are calls in August 2014 for heads to roll in the organization for not using the raw temperature measurements.



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