Human Influence is in Non-Industrialized Places

By Paul Litely at

I expect to see this chart, and other revealing charts at the ICCC9 in Las Vegas July 7-10.  See you there. This should be the year to get the broader media to pay attention to scientific attempts to improve the climate change models so they actually predict what happens, IF THAT IS EVEN POSSIBLE. The Earth’s climate is so complex, and there are so many localized effects, that I seriously doubt we can make accurate useful predictions on a scale of 10’s of years. But we keep trying. The IPCC Climate Change models based on CO2 levels are obviously too simplistic, because they are falling short of their own expectations.

Where does human influence come in? If there is a human effect, and there must be something, perhaps the largest influence is from particulates and emissions from manmade fires. The exponentially exploding populations that burn wood and clear land are the biggest contributors to pollution of the air.  They have been dumping increasing amounts of particles and gasses into the atmosphere. These are NON-Industrialized societies.  The “Hockey Stick” bend  to higher temperatures in Al Gore’s CO2 caused temperature graph occurred at about 1950.  What happened in about 1950?  Modern Medicine began in 1950 with penicillin and other antibiotics.

Antbiotics, modern medicine, and Sanitation and Clean water have been brought to non-industrialized parts of the world to save lives, and they have done so. Non-Industrialized societies do not exercise population control as the industrialized societies do, so natural deaths were the only control.  Since 1950, the world population has exponentially increased, especially in the non-insustrialized societies, so their contribution to pollution and destruction of nature has exponentially risen, while industrialized societies have limited their populations and consciously cleaned up their pollution contributions. To make a significant difference in human-caused pollution that might affect climate, the non-industrialized societies must be engaged. Instead of harrying industrialized societies for their pollution, the focus should be on the vastly greater non-industrialized societies for their rapidly increasing pollution and destruction of CO2 absorbing greenery. After all, our common goal is a clean and sustainable environment for everyone, is it not? Or is it political and economic gain for the few in industrialized societies?

Thank you for doing your part to raise awareness of the need to refine climate change models. See you in Las Vegas.


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